Tuition Assistance Program

PTSOL values the importance of education and believes children are the future.
We help provide the monthly tuition and school supply fees for the following low-income families in order for the children to continue attending school
** Budget every month for helping all the children below is $380.00**

Samuel and Abel are both from Jepara, Central Java Island. Samuel currently attends public high school and Abel attends public middle school. Their father is a woodworker. The Arbianto family live in the remote village of Jepara




Nabil attends Pertiwi Senenan Kindergarten in Jepara, Central Java Island, Indonesia. Her family lives in the remote village of Jepara. Her father is a woodworker 



Fano and Laura are brother and sister attending public high school in Jepara, Central Java Island, Indonesia. Their is a woodworker


Shirley is a student at Public Middle School PGRI I Tangerang, West of Java Island, Indonesia. Her father is a driver