Rice Sacks

Project Rice sacks

Planting the Seeds of Love had an opportunity to distribute some sacks rice and foods to the family in Oemoro inside the church St. Paul Miki, which was given by Father Dominic Baok.






Message from Oemoro Village, NTT, Indonesia

Dear friend in Christ,

The people in this village are simple poor folks. They are adept at tilling the ground and working for the rice field owners for their daily survival. And anyone who lives a life such as these folks would only understand how hard and difficult it is. It demands so much physical work under the heat of a severe tropical temperature. By the month of October they usually are running out of food as the dry season and conditions of the land make it nearly impossible to farm. We are asking you to do something for the unfortunate people in Oemoro village. This is a part of our mission to reach out and help our brothers and sisters in Oemoro.

Lets open up our hearts and support our brothers and sisters in this remote village located in Timor, Indonesia. There are 126 Families and we are thinking about providing 1 sack of 50 lbs of rice per family. Each sack costs about $ 17. We appreciate your love and support.

Any amount is sincerely appreciated!!!


 For contribution, please send a check payable to Planting the Seeds of Love, address stated below or you are able to donate via website: www.ptsol.org by clicking the “DONATE” button

Thank you and God bless


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