A Safe Haven

A Safe Sanctuary for Children and Families in Need
*** Donation goal for completion of this project $240,000***
The communities within East Indonesia consist of poor families living in underdeveloped areas. Those of us involved in Planting the Seeds of Love's charity extend our hearts and helping hands through God's grace by committing to build an orphanage for children without parents, relatives, or guardians. 
Not to forget, some of those children survive on their own by living off the streets. Our hope is to provide shelter and a proper living refuge that they can one day call "home".
It is also our hope to expand our commitment by building a health clinic to provide free health care to these children as well as the families in the community. The majority of the residents in this area make their living by farming, providing their daily diet from what they can harvest from their own small-scaled agriculture efforts. The lands are often affected by drought for months on end. During the good times, the yield of their crops provide only minimal amount for the entire family.
The families are impoverished by the harsh living and working conditions that they are unable to even fulfill the most basic necessity of everyday life. Even poultry meat is scarce—those that are fortunate enough to have a share of chicken meat get it once a year, at the very most. The proper nutritional satisfaction of the people in these impoverished areas is substantially lacking. Hence, we believe that it is our calling to help provide the families and children in East Indonesia with a safe haven and a source to obtain their basic health care needs.


 The children and families are still awaiting your help. 

The location has been determined and will be situated over a 110,000 square meter land allocated for the purpose of building our prospective orphanage and clinic.

The specific location of this land is as follows:

Village: Macang Tanggar

District: Komodo

Region: Manggarai Barat

State (Island): Flores Barat (West Flores)

Macang Tanggar is reachable by car within one hour from the closest harbor named Labuhan Bajo.