St. Paul Miki Oemoro Church

Father Dominikus Baok, SVD
Oemoro Project Advisor
* * Donation goal for completion of the Oemoro Project: $60,000 * * 

Father Dominikus Baok, SVD is a missionary priest belonging to the Society of the Divine Word. He was ordained to the priesthood on October 3, 2006 in Timor-Indonesia. He was assigned to Chicago SVD Province, after professing his perpetual vows. 

Since May 2008 he has been working in a number of different parishes in the Diocese of Willing-Charleston, West Virginia. In 2008-2012, he was assigned to serve in three different parishes: 

St. Thomas Parish in Gassaway, West Virginia
Risen Lord Church in Clay County, West Virginia
St. Ann Parish in Webster-Spring, West Virginia 

St. Anthony  Shrine - Boomer, West Virginia (2018 - up to now)

From 2012-2014, he was assigned as an Administrator at Holy Family Parish in Richwood, West Virginia. At the moment Fr. Dominic is residing at Washington DC SVD community while pursuing his Master degree in TESOL at American University.

 PLANTING THE SEEDS OF LOVE help the Catholic Community of St.Paulus  Miki Oemoro, Timor - Indonesia

Finally the final stage of St. Paul Miki Oemoro has been done


Current condition as of August 2019 of St. Paul Miki its almost final finishing stage










                                                      past                                             present


Happy little boy with a great joy, he knew that he would has a new worship place




St. Paulus Miki Oemoro Chapel is a spiritual home for less than 800 poor and traditional peasant families. It is located in a very remote village of Indonesia, precisely in Oemoro, in the sub-district of Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. This small Catholic community is part of the territory of a newly established Parish: St. Steven of Noehaen. 

For a number of years, this community has had a discussion to replace their old Chapel as seen in these pictures with a new and comfortable one, where they regularly gather together every Sunday to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word and/or the Eucharist whenever there is a priest. However, the nature of being simple farmers and poor whose livelihood is very much revolved around traditional farming, acquiring money to buy materials for their Chapel is impossible and difficult. 
As a matter of fact, the majority of their own houses are still traditionally built; the roof is from palm leaves and the wall is from bamboo. In a nutshell, this community is simply poor and folks of no skill. The only thing they are probably adept at is tilling the ground and rice field for their daily survival. 
Anyone who lives a life such as these folks would only understand how hard and difficult it is. It demands so much physical work under the heat of a high tropical temperature. And yet, the result of this arduous work, has not always been promising for it is very much determined by the interconnectedness of so many things; the nature, the insects or pesticides, the climate and the tenacity to be ever watchful and the forbearance to endure the heavy load of manual work without modern tools of farming.
Yet still like anybody else, they have a dream to have a comfortable house of prayer for their own community. And having listened to their daily toil and struggle, we want to help them realize their dream. However, we cannot rely upon ourselves. That is why, we take this step to appeal to you for help; for we know that anybody who listens to their genuine stories would absolutely be touched.  

New build blueprint of  St. Paulus Miki Oemoro Chapel
May 27, 2017

St. Paulus Miki Chapel construction has begun. It is the home town of Father Dominic Baok, SVD. It is located in Oemoro, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Pictures below are the event of the first stone installment by Fr. Alfons and the people of Oemoro, signifying the beginning of their house prayer.


 February 24, 2018

The planting season has done in Oemoro village, so they starting to continue for the construction. They were bought the building materials as they needed. All peoples in Oemoro together helping to build their house prayer.


We hope to know that I and Father Dominikus Baok, SVD and the peoples in Oemoro appreciate deeply your contribution and will always remember your kindness in our prayers. 











Walls are under construction

May 05, 2018, current situation of the constructions as of May 11, 2018. People worked together men or women helping to build this worship place. 

They bought thousand of stones ( called " batu angin") for build the wall.


Today August 25, 2018 - They are starting built the top part of the church

Pictures as of September 20, 2018

The roofing under construction

Below is picture as of September 25, 2018


Picture as of October 14, 2018

Peoples in Oemoro had cut the wood from their own forest

Pictures below as per 6/12/2018, the peoples in Oemoro had cut the wood for the roof from their own forest. The wooden roof structure of the church is built from trees grown in the villager's own forest. The Johar tress produce these hard and durable woods that can last for decades.

Start to install part of the top of the Kapela (November 05, 2018)


Picture below as of January 25, 2019

They will put new windows for each side of the building


Happy little boy with a great joy, he knew that he would has a new worship place









WINDOWS and DOORS installation





Build the Altar


Installation stained glass with the name and saint of the donatur 






The Oemoro Project Highlight

In September 2016, Chairman of PTSOL Mr. Nico Lengkong visited St. Paulus Miki Oemoro Chapel to distribute sacks of rice for the families. 
Within a month's time, the residents would be faced with the hardest season due to their remote location off of the coast where no vegetation or crops can survive, let alone grow, due to the constant drought.
We believe that you can also be a part of our mission any way you wish. Please make a donation today by clicking on the DONATE button below. Together, we can make a difference in our brothers' and sisters' lives and their faith in our same Lord and God, Christ Jesus.